Charter fishing in the Florida Keys.

Big Game Fishing

If you have never been big game fishing and reeled in a fish as big as you are then you are in for a treat!  Captain Craig will put you in the best position to experience the thrill of the “big catch” without the cost and frustration of owning a boat, transporting it to the proper place, fueling it, etc.  All the excitement with none of the stress, what could be better?

Sport Fishing

62156_10102710380542585_2004566254_nIf you prefer catching fish for food and fun then we can help with that too!  Whether you are looking for a delicious meal of fish to take home with you or you want to catch-and-release grouper, dolphin-fish (mahi mahi), yellowtail, or dozens of other species then tell Captain Craig.  You can even ask about which restaurants will cook your catch while you are here or the best place to pack it on ice to send back home for a reminder of your time in the Florida Keys.

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Professional Fishing Guide

The benefit of going out with a professional fishing guide is that he knows where an how to fish for what you want to catch and can adapt to meet any desired result.

It takes a lot to run a boat so let Captain Craig do all of that for you in exchange for a very reasonable rate. You simply come to Key West and hire him and the mate for a great day of fishing!

Keys, Ocean, Sun, Perfection

What can be better than coming to the beautiful Florida Keys, going out after the awesome fish we have in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, and then bringing home your fish, or photos for a mount if you prefer catch and release over eating your catch, and then going back to the hotel?  You won’t even have to clean the boat like you would if it was your own! How great is that!

If you are from a landlocked area you will be amazed by the size, variety and beautiful fish that saltwater fishing can bring you. You will also have a greater chance of landing a beauty with the skill that Captain Craig brings as your fishing guide. He has fished these waters long enough to know where to fish and where to catch and he will take you to the catching places!

Charter fishing in the Florida Keys is a great deal for any angler. Be assured, when you choose Captain Craig you will not be getting a fly-by-night, overpriced, under-skilled tourist trap – they do exist, unfortunately – but with the Ultra Grand Slam you will be fishing with a professional, experienced, established Captain and mate who love helping you make your dream catch come true.