Florida Fishing Vacations

When people think of Florida they think of three things, Disney, oranges and fishing.  There are many great places you can pick up a guide and a charter boat and go out for a day of fun on the water hunting the big fish.  One of the best is in Key West, Florida.

Key West fishing

Fishing in the Florida Keys is great!  Not only is it possible to avoid the traffic around much of mainland Florida, but the reef is very close and being where we are, you have more choices about what to catch.  A skilled boat captain is an invaluable asset.  He can tell you what’s biting, where they are and take you there to give you the absolute best shot at reeling in a trophy catch!  Captain Craig Jiovani is just such a captain.  He has been fishing the waters here since 1974 and knows the area like you know your own home.  Whether you prefer yellowtail or the larger sailfish and wahoo, you can be sure that you have the best opportunity to catch plenty.

Family Fun

Bring the whole family along!  If they are not anglers then they can enjoy the air conditioned salon and the boat ride in the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys.  It’s the best South Florida fishing and it’s stunning to go out on the water.  Or perhaps they’d like to work on a tan or just take a nap… this is definitely a comfortable charter boat so bring your spouse and kids and make it a family outing!

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Ultra Grand Slam

Enjoy the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys and some of the best fishing in the world! The Ultra Grand Slam fishing charter boat of Key West is a great way to have a fun and relaxing vacation away from the stress of amusement parks and big-city hustle-bustle.