How do I know I’ll have a good time?

A natural thing for people considering a Key West fishing trip to wonder if they will have a good time.  We’d like to put your mind to ease and give you something to think about when you are considering a fishing trip before you call us to book your next vacation with us!

The Ultra Grand Slam is fully equipped to make your trip the best possible and our Captain and First Mate are top notch.  Captain Craig has fished these waters since the mid 70’s and his mate is there to take care of your needs as well.  Baiting the hooks and bringing up the fish to the boat once you reel them in not your thing?  No problem, we’ll help with all that so you can focus on the actual hunt and catch of the fish.  New to fishing?  These guys can help you feel like a pro in no time.  By the time you come back to shore you will feel like you’ve been doing this for years – and you’ll have the catch to prove it and your fish tales won’t be about the “one that got away!”

Imagine the guys (or gals) back at work when you show them the photos of the mess of Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna or even Billfish you caught!  Show them how a real angler vacations the next time they are bragging about that 5 pound bass they caught in a stream up north!  Shock them with the picture of the fish your kids caught or the story about how your spouse went with you on the trip… as long as they didn’t get the biggest fish!

Don’t take our word for it, check out the photos on the site and see some other people who have had a great vacation aboard the Ultra Grand Slam!

South Florida Fishing

Fishing is fun, but South Florida fishing is the best! Where else can you go from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean to the only living coral reef tract in North America in only a matter of minutes?

Where else can you fish year round in anything from tee-shirt and shorts most of the year to a light jacket in the winter? It’s almost always sunny and warm in the Keys.

You may be excited by a 10-15 pound bass in the mainland lakes and streams but what about a 50 lb Dolphin Fish? Can that ever compete with a sailfish leaping out of the water on the end of your line? What about the thrill of shark fishing?

If you are considering South Florida fishing then give us a call for all your Key West fishing boat needs, we’ll be happy to discuss details and let you know what’s biting when you will be here.

Key West Dolphin Fish

Dolphin fish aka Mahi-Mahi

Key West fishing is the best fishing in South Florida. There are some great fish out there to catch like the Mahi-Mahi or Dolphin Fish. These fish can be from a couple of pounds to 60-pound monsters. The waters of the Florida Keys makes it a perfect place to land “the big one”. The Dolphin Fish is a great tasting whitefish that can be found in most local restaurants. You don’t have to worry about eating Flipper, that’s a different animal – Dolphin Fish are not the mammals at all and are nothing like them in fact. The best time of year to go out to catch Dolphin Fish is late spring all the way until fall here in the Keys. They can grow to about 80 pounds but they only live about 5 years.

If you are looking for a thrilling fight and rewarding catch then the adventure from boarding the Charter Boat Ultra Grand Slam all the way to sinking your teeth into that blackened, broiled, fried or battered fish dinner is the best time you can imagine.

Considering the comfort of the Ultra Grand Slam, the trip is not only fun for the angler in your bunch, but the entire family will enjoy the trip racing across the water with the wind blowing in their hair, suntanning on deck, watching out from the fly bridge above the water or just relaxing with a cold drink in the salon. Even if your family members don’t like to fish that much they will surely love the end results of fresh fish for dinner. There’s not much better!

We participate in catch and release as well so if you would rather remember the experience with some great photos instead, we do everything possible to keep the fish healthy for release after the pictures are all taken.

Let us help you with your catch too. From baiting the hooks to getting the beast up into the boat or first mate will be there to make it a memorable experience for you.

Come enjoy Key West Dolphin Fish – there’s nothing like it!

Florida Fishing Vacations

When people think of Florida they think of three things, Disney, oranges and fishing.  There are many great places you can pick up a guide and a charter boat and go out for a day of fun on the water hunting the big fish.  One of the best is in Key West, Florida.

Key West fishing

Fishing in the Florida Keys is great!  Not only is it possible to avoid the traffic around much of mainland Florida, but the reef is very close and being where we are, you have more choices about what to catch.  A skilled boat captain is an invaluable asset.  He can tell you what’s biting, where they are and take you there to give you the absolute best shot at reeling in a trophy catch!  Captain Craig Jiovani is just such a captain.  He has been fishing the waters here since 1974 and knows the area like you know your own home.  Whether you prefer yellowtail or the larger sailfish and wahoo, you can be sure that you have the best opportunity to catch plenty.

Family Fun

Bring the whole family along!  If they are not anglers then they can enjoy the air conditioned salon and the boat ride in the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys.  It’s the best South Florida fishing and it’s stunning to go out on the water.  Or perhaps they’d like to work on a tan or just take a nap… this is definitely a comfortable charter boat so bring your spouse and kids and make it a family outing!

Ultra Grand Slam

Enjoy the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys and some of the best fishing in the world! The Ultra Grand Slam fishing charter boat of Key West is a great way to have a fun and relaxing vacation away from the stress of amusement parks and big-city hustle-bustle.